Technical Note/SPRING

Spring을 가지고 개발을 하다보면

가장어려운것이 클래스 네이밍과 MVC 패턴 설계이다

복잡한 기능을 구현하다 보면 Service의 범위는 어떻게 해야 하는건지, Service 에서 다른 Service를 호출해야 하는건지 등등 고민하게 된다

그래서 요즘은 스프링 개발자 구글 구룹스(!forum/ksug )에 많이 들리곤 한다.

여기서 Page Controller라는 것을 알게되었다. 

An object that handles a request for a specific page or action on a Web site.

For a full description see P of EAA page 333

Most people's basic Web experience is with static HTML pages. When you request static HTML you pass to the Web server the name and path for a HTML document stored on it. The key notion is that each page on the Web site is a separate document on the server. With dynamic pages things can get much more interesting since there's a much more complex relationship between path names and the file that responds. However, the approach of one path leading to one file that handles the request is a simple model to understand.

As a result, Page Controller has one input controller for each logical page of the Web site. That controller may be the page itself, as it often is in server page environments, or it may be a separate object that corresponds to that page.